Your wedding day marks the beginning of a beautiful journey, but the magic doesn't end with the ceremony. Those enchanting moments continue to unfold during the wedding reception, and capturing them through photography has become an art form in itself. Poses play a crucial role in conveying emotions, preserving memories, and immortalising the love shared by Indian couples. In this blog, we collaborated with WEDNARA, one of the leading wedding photographers in Bangalore, to delve into the world of after-wedding photography, exploring unique poses that capture the essence of your love story. 

Classic and Timeless Poses

The embrace that says it all, the graceful first dance, the cake cutting, the stolen glances at the reception that communicate volumes, and the grand entrance that leaves everyone in awe—these classic poses form the foundation of your wedding reception photography. Each click freezes a fleeting moment, showcasing the emotions and excitement that define the celebration.

Whimsical and Playful Poses

Injecting playfulness into your after-wedding photography can lead to some of the most candid and joyous moments. Capture the twirl that brings out your inner child, unveil the bride's beauty with the reveal of her veil, balance love and laughter in a light-hearted pose, or chase sunsets hand in hand, letting genuine smiles shine through.

Intimate Moments: Poses that Reflect Deep Connection

Sometimes, the deepest emotions are conveyed through subtle gestures. Whispered secrets, forehead touches that speak of tenderness, and embracing each other, portraying the comfort and protection you find in each other—these poses reveal the intimacy of your bond.

Family and Friends: Group Poses with Loved Ones

Your wedding reception is a celebration of not just your love but also the support of family and friends. Capture the warmth of a 'big hug,' the unity of a 'circle of love,' the energy of the 'dance floor frenzy,' and the genuine laughter that fills the air during candid interactions.

Creative and Artistic Poses

With WEDNARA, creativity knows no bounds. Utilise mirrors for added depth, craft dramatic silhouettes against the night sky, blend with venue decor for unique perspectives, or frame your love story within the embrace of nature, resulting in stunning visual narratives.

Candid Moments: Capturing Spontaneity and Real Emotions

From laughter to tears, stolen glances to spirited dances, candid moments capture the essence of your wedding reception authentically. These unguarded shots will remind you of the raw emotions that define this special day.

Customised and Personal Poses

Infuse your personalities and passions into your after-wedding photography. Showcase shared hobbies, recreate special memories, embrace cultural symbols that define you, and add personalized touches through props and signage, making each frame uniquely yours.


As your wedding reception unfolds, let your love story continue to be written through the lens of WEDNARA. These poses, capturing classic, cultural, playful, candid, and personalised moments, will adorn your after-wedding photography album with vibrant memories. Entrust these precious moments to a skilled photographer who can weave your story into a visual tapestry that will be cherished for generations to come. Every click freezes a chapter of your journey, making your wedding album a testament to your enduring love.

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