Golden Belize Wedding Lawn is a well-designed wedding venue in Bangalore which provides a perfect setting for all your wedding rituals and get-togethers. They provide the best, most lavishing, and worth cherishable weddings for the bride and groom. Golden Belize Wedding Lawn also offers the dead beautiful locations, which makes it a magical experience for everyone celebrating. They have highly recommended staff who are called out for their professionalism and their warm service all through your stay. The venue offers luxuries of banquet halls like lawns and terraces with a touch of Indian traditions. 

Their hospitality goes above and beyond the expectations of the guests and the family. Golden Belize Wedding Lawn makes sure that your‌ special day is luxurious. They give utmost importance to their client's requirements. The venue is a one-stop destination for all your wedding and party needs. Their wide area provides a lot of space for the guests to sit and enjoy the wedding. Golden Belize Wedding Lawn makes sure to take care of every need and pay detail, to all crucial needs including technical support or food, and beverages. 

Wanna know more about their services specifically? Well, keep reading then!

Ambiance to Die For

In this world of Instagram and Twitter, nothing adds more value to a location than its ambiance and picaresque backdrop. If any venue offers you that, people are ready to take chances with the rest of the aspects. So, Golden Belize has an outdoor door with 500 floating capacity, making it perfect for any small to medium-scale weddings. 

Meanwhile, do not panic you will not have to compromise with any of the imperative aspects while considering a great atmosphere. Everything from catering to services and amenities is on point and you can even call your reliable decorators to help you get the best view.

Pocket Friendly is Their Catch!

The venue you liked for your wedding is also falling under your budget! Isn’t that the best thing you can hear? Well, The Golden Belize Wedding Lawn has the most decent prices with maximum facilities. Their menu offers all the lip-smacking cuisine within the per plate cost of INR 500- INR 600. 

Their additional facilities even include complimentary rooms, free wifi, sound systems, power backup, car parking for approx 50 vehicles, etc at the same price. Moreover, the venue lies in the heart of the city and is easily accessible through public transport. 

Customization Options Available

To be able to do things in your own way is the only we want in life. But the excitement becomes twofold when you get options to customize your own wedding!

Golden Belize adds value to its credibility by providing customization features for its customers. That means you can make changes to your menu, decor, area, etc depending on the availability. Meanwhile, the staff will make sure that they offer the best of everything you have ever imagined for your big day!

Accommodation for Guests

Not all guests whom you invite will reside in the same city as the wedding. Also, it is pretty exhausting to travel from one town to another and then traveling different places to reach the location. So, Golden Belize WeddLawn even offers the accommodation rooms for your guests. This will make sure that your guests will be least tired and 100% charged to attend your entire wedding without an excuse. Moreover, the staff will make sure that they have the most beautiful and cozy stay in the hotel rooms during the celebrations.

Prime Location

Hotel Golden Belize is located at 0/3, Near CUPA, Sarjapur, Dommasanadra, 562125, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Of course, lying in the heart of the city has its own perks. For instance, you do not have to worry about the Bangalore traffic and start a day early to reach your location, moreover, your guests traveling from out of Bengaluru won’t find it totally exhausting and difficult to reach the venue on time. If you are taking a bus to reach here, then you need to get down at the Dommasandra bus stop and walk for 1.6 km. you can also book a private taxi to get to the location all set and on time.

So, these are some of the crucial and unavoidable perks of the Golden Belize Wedding Lawn. you can always book your function in this venue surrounded by lush greenery and mesmerizing interiors for or a beautiful stay.

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