Are you getting married? Then you should first tick the wedding greetings off your checklist. Because wedding greetings are one of the important requirements for any wedding. Your relatives and friends will get to know about your wedding through the invitations. And those who are having themed wedding invitations will act as a teaser for the main event. 

In addition to that, choosing a design that satisfies everyone is the hardest job. And that’s why you should complete the wedding greetings and move on to other things in your wedding. Traditionally people will print wedding greeting cards and give them to the invitees. This process needs a lot of time, effort and money.

With technology development, you can minimize the time, effort and money spent on invitations. Yes, through some online platforms you can create your wedding greetings even for free. There are many platforms available and they are providing some amazing designs for free. Even paid versions are also available if you need spectacular wedding cards. 

The only problem you will ever face is selecting the right platform for your wedding greeting design. Because of the availability of more platforms people sometimes face struggles in selecting the right one. To help you with that, we have some of the best online platforms to create your wedding greeting cards. 


Betterhalf is a modern matrimonial service provider that assists consumers with wedding and related services. They provide not only matrimonial services but also a variety of other wedding-related services. Wedding card design, kundali matching, human matchmaking, and more services are available on their platform.

They provide one of the best wedding greeting designing services. Their designs range from free to expensive, but most of the paid designs are less than 500 rupees. All you have to do is enter your information and download the wedding greetings to share with your friends and family.


Canva is a simple tool that even non-designers may utilise. Their tutorials will assist folks in guiding them whenever they require assistance. And there are pieces and designs for any necessity or keyword that users seek. If the customer does not want to deal with complications, they can use the best wedding greeting design templates.

They also offer tutorials for any questions that their users may have. People can utilise the platform for free or for a fee. The premium edition includes some inventive and appealing design features. However, if you know how to make a creative design, you can design your own wedding greetings.


It's no surprise that Etsy is on the list of the best wedding greetings design websites. This is a DIY wedding card design website where you can find some of the best designs you'll find. You have to select the design of your choice and enter the details to match those on the website.

Etsy can meet the needs of those who seek aesthetically beautiful designs. They also have price ranges ranging from free to premium design to accommodate consumers of various income levels. Etsy should be on your list when you think about designing your wedding greetings.


If you want to make the best wedding greetings online, Minted should be on your list. They have independent artists and designers who can assist you in creating some of the best designs for you. Minted has various categories from which to choose the design you want. They are also priced differently depending on the design.

However, before placing your order, you can request a sample design to ensure that your pick is satisfactory. This will assist you in making the greatest option while selecting the best wedding greetings from them. They also have excellent printing techniques and a wide range of high-quality papers for your wedding greetings. These are the characteristics that distinguish them as one of the top wedding card-creating websites.


Papier is one of the greatest platforms for creating beautiful wedding greetings. They specialise in online customized stationery services. The finest wedding card-creating websites list can never be complete unless Papier is included. They've been offering this wedding card service since 2015.

They can also create wedding greetings for you based on your customizations. You can get a large variety of the best wedding greetings that can be personalised to your specifications. Their global delivery is currently only available in a few countries such as Australia, and the United States. You must check their website to determine whether they deliver to your country.